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Technological Innovation
Technology innovation
Sprocket Multi-Point Synchronous Drive PV Tracking System
The traditional pv tracker unit square array installation is about 180KW, and the newly developed large square array multi-directional linkage PV tracker unit square array installation can reach 550KW, which can save more than 30% of the later operation and maintenance time while increasing the installation volume. In the later stage, we will develop the "super-large square array multi-directional linkage PV tracker" with a single installation capacity of over 1MW.Meanwhile, the equipment cost is reduced by 10%, the installation efficiency is increased by 20%, and the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by more than 40%.
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    Torque Sharing
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    120 Solar Panels In A Single Row
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    Longer Square Matrices
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    Multi-point Fixed Spindle
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    Resonance Critical Wind Speed> 60m/s
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    Fewer Pile Foundations
R & D Center
R&D center
Tracker Research Drive Technology Module Installation Technology Maintenance-Free Bearing Mechanics of Materials Research Antiresonance Research Control Research
  • Tracker Research
    * Drive Technology
    * Module Installation Technology
    * Maintenance-Free Bearing
    * Mechanics of Materials Research
    * Antiresonance Research
    * The Control Technology

  • Drive Technology
    * The Latest Sprocket Drive:
    15% minimum cost
    Highest reliability

    * Three Major Drive Forms:
    Rotary reducer
    Linear push rod

  • Single-axis tracker assembly with inclination installation plan
    * R&D Direction:
    Installation structure design with 5°-10° dip Angle of components (power generation increased by 3-5% compared with conventional single axis)

    * Technical Difficulties:
    Do not increase installation
    Keep the cost increase under 8%
    Meet the requirements for single-sided and double-sided module

  • Professional Tracker Plastic Bearing
    * The Rubber mould Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with R&D
    * Pass the test of aging resistance and wear resistance
    * 30 years maintenance free

    * Cost Reduction Plan:
    Plate as bearing seat
    Reduce the amount of engineering plastics

    * Technical Difficulties:
    It is difficult to design and shape the plate
    It is difficult to modify the mold after it is finalized

  • Arc octagonal tube

    * Versol's first
    * The world's first
    It combines the strong bending resistance of square pipe and the strong torsion resistance of round pipe

  • Antiresonance Research
    * Comprehensive prevention and control measures:
    Precise measurement of wind protection Angle
    Add damper and other buffer mechanism
    Increase structural rigidity

  • Control Research
    * The serial development of SCM controller:
    The unit is self-powered
    Set of string take electricity
    Communication of their

    The market share is 29.8%, the first in the world
    First, use single row on a large scale
    The control technology USES TureCapure

    * There is no connecting rod between row and row, which can be used for agricultural machinery or cleaning machinery
    * There is a height difference between the east and west of the row. TrueCapture algorithm is adopted to avoid anti-shadow occlusion and improve the power generation efficiency
    * More components can be arranged on irregular terrain to improve land utilization

    * Using TrueCapture Technology:
    Increase power generation by 6%
    When there is a height difference between rows, each row can have the best anti-shadow
    Optimal tracking strategy in scattered light state

R & D Team
R&D team
Team profile
Covered more than 60 including architectural, mechanical, electrical, materials and other different disciplines in the field of professionals and senior expert advisory group composed of health R&D team, for all the main parts of the world all kinds of buildings, topography, geology and climate environment such as the depth of the data acquisition and research, and cooperate with domestic and foreign famous scientific research institutions, institutions (such as Shanghai tongji university, Harbin industrial university, the university of California, Berkeley, technical university of Munich, Germany, etc.), in such aspects as product function, the structure of the flat and the in-depth development and optimization.BAPV, BIPV, ground systems (including screw pile series) and tracking system four big series 150 kinds of photovoltaic products supporting system, covering various environment, for the construction of photovoltaic power station has been through the TUV, UL, CE, CSTB, the AS/NZS "and other international certification, fully meet the different regions of the global and the personalized needs of customers, the latest research and development of solar greenhouse system and large ground plant dust removal technology was also at the world leading level.
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