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Adjustable Photovoltaic Mounting Structure
Unlike traditional fixed photovoltaic brackets, adjustable photovoltaic brackets can be adjusted 3-4 times a year to meet different optimal angle requirements throughout the year. Compared with fixed brackets, they can increase power generation by 4% -8% per year.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Product type Fixed adjustable photovoltaic bracket
  • Component adjustment angle 20 °~50 ° stepless adjustment
  • Adjustment method Push rod adjustment
  • Foundation type PHC/Hammer driven/Cast in Piles
  • Module ground clearance height 1.0m above the ground at a 50 ° inclination angle (or as required by the project)
  • Component capacity 50-300kWp
  • Allowable wind load 47m/s
  • Wind protection mode 18m/s
  • Standard and Certification 《Specifications for structural steel buildings》 AISC 360 《Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures》 ASCE 7 《CPP wind tunnel tests and wind load analysis》 UL2703/UL3703/AISC360-10/ASCE 7-10
    1、Adopt single post support form with low foundation cost
    2、Easy to achieve single-person work through power tool adjustment
    3、One array can be adjusted in about 1 minute by one person, and more than 5MW can be adjusted by one person per day
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