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The TOPSPAN adopts a cable truss structure, which has high structural stability. The span of the bracket exceeds 50 meters, and the number of pile foundations is small, making construction simple. The TOPSPAN series flexible brackets have the advantages of large span, high clearance, and high weather resistance, making them an ideal product solution for water-based photovoltaic power station projects.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Product type Cable truss structure
  • Foundation type PHC/cast-in-place pile/cement foundation
  • Single span >50m
  • Ground coverage ratio ≥42%
  • Minimum ground clearance 0.5m
  • Steel strand strength 1860MPa
  • Module inclination angle ≤25°
  • Module installation method Single block portrait installation
  • Standard and Certification 《Specifications for structural steel buildings》 AISC 360 《Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures》 ASCE 7 《Technical Specification for Cable Structures》 JGJ257-2012 《Wind tunnel test report》 TUV
    1、Long span, high clearance, and strong terrain adaptability
    2、High stiffness cable truss structure forms an overall wind resistant structure
    3、Excellent weather resistance to meet outdoor harsh environmental applications
    4、High installation efficiency and convenient construction
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