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V-Multi Tracking System
V-Multi Tracking System Adopts one single row multi-point drive design and high-power components arranged in 2P, it has higher stability in areas with high wind pressure; Flexible arrangement on irregular ground with good slope adaptability; A small number of pile foundations can reduce the overall investment cost of the project.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Driving mode Chain Wheel+Reduction Gears(Multi-row mechanic linkage)
  • Tracking range ±60°
  • Foundation type PHC/Ramming pile/Cast-in-place pile
  • Allowable wind load 47m/s
  • Wind protection mode 18m/s
  • Module quantity ≤150PC
  • Module layout arrangement 2PC Portrait
  • The lowest point above the ground level 0.5m(Or according to actual project requirements)
  • Ground coverage ratio (GCR) ≥30%
  • Tracking mode Astronomical Algorithms/Active tracking/Backtracking/AI
  • Tracking accuracy ≤1°
  • Control mode MCU closed-loop feedback control
  • Control accuracy ≤0.3°
  • Power supply mode String connected with battery backup/PV panel with battery backup/Customer provided AC circuit
  • Power supply voltage 1500V DC/220V AC
  • Backup battery Lithium battery,≥6Ah
  • Level of protection ≥IP65
  • Communication mode Zigbee wireless/Modbus
  • Monitoring device SCADA(optional)
  • System consumption ~40kWh/Set/Year
  • Protected mode condition Gale/Snowfall/Hail
  • Standard and Certification 《Specifications for structural steel buildings》 AISC 360 《Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures》 ASCE 7 《CPP wind tunnel tests and wind load analysis》 UL2703/UL3703/AISC360-16/ASCE 7-22/sbp/BV Patent No.:CN215222101U
    1、Multi point mechanical linkage with high structural stability
    2、Single row independent operation, smooth and convenient operation and maintenance of inter row channels
    3、Good terrain adaptability, flexible layout, improved land use efficiency, and reduced investment costs
    4、High protection level, high weather resistance, long-term stable and reliable operation
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