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Tilt Single Axis Tracking System
The Tilt single-axis tracking system is a tracking product designed for large photovoltaic power plant in the areas of middle and high latitudes. It can realize 10~30° inclined main axis tracking operation, and can increase the annual power generation by about 20% compared with the traditional fixed mounting system. It is an ideal product solution for large ground photovoltaic power plant in the areas of middle and high latitudes.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Product type Tilting single axis tracker
  • Driving mode Chain Wheel+Reducer (Multi-row linkage)
  • Tracking range ±60°
  • Foundation type PHC/Ramming pile/Cast-in-place pile
  • Allowable wind load 47m/s
  • Module capacity 50-300kWp
  • Main axis inclination angle 10-30°
  • Wind protection mode 18m/s
  • The lowest point above the ground level 0.5m(Or according to actual project requirements)
  • Area 14,800 Square meter/MW (20°Latitude)
  • Tracking mode Astronomical Algorithms/Active tracking/Backtracking/AI
  • Tracking accuracy ≤1°
  • Control mode Siemens PLC closed-loop feedback control
  • Control accuracy ≤0.3°
  • Power supply mode Customer provided AC circuit
  • Power supply voltage 380V AC
  • Communication mode Zigbee wireless/Modbus
  • Level of protection ≥IP65
  • Monitoring device SCADA(optional)
  • Protected mode contition Gale/Snowfall/Hail
  • Standard and Certification 《Specifications for structural steel buildings》 AISC 360 《Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures》 ASCE 7 《CPP wind tunnel tests and wind load analysis》 UL2703/UL3703/AISC360-10/ASCE 7-10 Patent No.:CN102738272A
    1. Large installed capacity, the maximum installed capacity of a single array reaches 50~300kWp
    2. Multi-row linkage design, Low project investment and maintenance cost maintenance
    3. 25 year maintenance free operation of torque tube bearings
    4. Intelligent and fully automatic operation, To realize the automatic identification of all kinds of severe weather and system protection
    5. The overall protection level is high, with long-term reliable operation in the outdoor harsh environment
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