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V-In Tracking System
V-In Tracking System adopts one single row independent operation design, with high-power components arranged in 1P, which has advantages such as stable structure, convenient installation, and low operation and maintenance costs; It can be flexibly arranged on irregular ground and has good slope adaptability. It is an ideal product solution for large-scale ground, agricultural and fishery photovoltaic power station projects.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Driving mode Chain Wheel+Reducer
  • Tracking range ±60°
  • Foundation type PHC/Ramming pile/Cast-in-place pile
  • Wind load 47m/s
  • Wind protection mode 18m/s
  • Module quantity ≤90PC
  • Module layout arrangement 1PC Portrait
  • The lowest point above the ground level 0.5m(Or according to actual project requirements)
  • Ground coverage ratio(GCR) ≥30%
  • Tracking mode Astronomical Algorithms/Active tracking/Backtracking/AI
  • Tracking accuracy ≤1°
  • Control mode MCU closed-loop feedback control
  • Control accuracy ≤0.3°
  • Power supply mode String connected with battery backup/PV panel with battery backup/Customer provided AC circuit
  • Power supply voltage 1500V DC/220V AC
  • Backup battery Lithium battery,≥2.5Ah
  • Level of protection ≥IP65
  • Communication mode Zigbee wireless/Modbus
  • Monitoring device SCADA(optional)
  • System consumption ~20kWh/Set/Year
  • Protected mode contition Gale/Snowfall/Hail
  • Standard and Certification 《Specifications for structural steel buildings》 AISC 360 《Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures》 ASCE 7 《CPP wind tunnel tests and wind load analysis》 UL2703/UL3703/AISC360-16/ASCE 7-22/sbp/BV Patent No.:CN113064454A
    1. The drive form of sprocket+reducer has higher transmission efficiency and environmental adaptability, and can operate without maintenance for 25 years;
    2. Single row independent operation, smooth inter row channels, convenient operation and maintenance;
    3. Good terrain adaptability, flexible layout to improve land use efficiency, and reduce investment costs;
    4. Equipped with wireless communication device, communication is sensitive and reliable.
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