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Single column fixed photovoltaic bracket system
VGPCF13 series support system is the most advanced ground support system, adhering to the humanized design concept, unique "zero welding, strong compatibility" characteristics.
Product parameters
Product features
  • System name VGPCF13
  • Ground base cement foundation, screw pile, H beam, C beam
  • Inclined beam C beam, hot dip galvanized
  • Beam C beam, hot dip galvanized
  • Basic wind load 0.75kN/m²
  • Basic snow load 0.45kN/m²
  • Module layout two rows of vertical, three rows of horizontal, four rows of horizontal
  • Design standard GB50017 《Code for Design of Steel Structures》 GB50009 《Code for Loads of Building Structures》 DGJ32/J87 《Technical Specification for Integrated Application of Solar Photovoltaic and Building》
    1. Suitable for large-scale ground power station photovoltaic projects such as water and desert applications
    2. High installation efficiency
    3. Less foundations
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