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V-Integral BIPV System
The V-Integral BIPV roof system integrates photovoltaic modules with building materials, replacing the roof, Windows and exterior walls with photovoltaic modules, which can be used as building materials and generate electricity. Not only can further reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, and more conducive to the promotion and application of photovoltaic.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Installation site Replace the original roof, Windows, external walls of the house
  • Module domain area Arbitrary
  • Module domain location Arbitrary
  • Bottom frame Aluminum profile
  • Bottom fixing Drill screw
    1. Use ordinary crystalline silicon PV modules on the roof top to save building materials to the greatest extent.
    2. Install on the roof purlins, with the structure design integrates lighting belts, maintenance channels, ventilators, etc.
    3. It can be installed on old large steel structure plants, with strong roof adaptability
    4. Integrated structure, no water leakage caused by rust and aging of color steel tiles
    5. 25-year service life, avoid second replacement cost of metal steel tile and power station shutdown loss

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