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V-Top Rooftop System –Windstream
The traditional flat roof bracket installation system adopts two ways: bottom connection and adding load.The former can damage the roof surface, while the latter requires certain roof loads.Valvald's self-developed Windstream applies hydrodynamics and USES the bottom widened aluminum rail and stainless steel coaming, without adding load and without any damage to the roof.Windstream has passed the Wind tunnel experiment at the Technical University of Munich.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Installation site Flat roof
  • Module specification Photovoltaic module with frame of any size
  • Installation angle 10° -15°
  • Module layout Horizontal
  • Module domain area Arbitrary
  • Module domain location Arbitrary
  • Bottom frame Aluminum profile
  • Support feet Stainless steel
  • Wind shield Aluminum magnesium zinc plate or stainless steel plate
  • Widgets Stainless steel, aluminum alloy
  • Bottom fixed No mechanical connection, fixed by air flow pressure and dead weight
  • Design standard GB50017 《Code for Design of Steel Structures》 GB50009 《Code for Loads of Building Structures》
    1. Streamlined design that passes wind tunnel experiment and has strong wind resistance
    2. Few Weight blocks usage and are suitable for flat roofs with small loads or limited installation methods
    3. Modular design, module in landscape , installation Angle of 10°-15°, few variety of parts, easy to install
    4. Aluminum magnesium zinc plate, excellent anti-corrosion performance, smart structural design which does not damage the original roof structure, no drilling design, without water leakage risk
    5. The new generation of upgraded wind stream system, adapted to high-power module which can resist 12 grade typhoon
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