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PV Carport
PV carport offers multiple benefits. It uses solar power to provide clean energy for charging electric motor car, lighting, connected to the grid while shielding cars against rain, hail and snow. It is built almost without geographical restrictions, very flexible and convenient.
Product parameters
Product features
  • VBP-A1 series They are shaped in an inclined N shape, giving them a unique sense of lightness, cleverness and bouncing. In addition, they are small in size, making them an absolute "elf"
  • VBP-C1 series The double-column structure easily solves the problem of large span, and becomes the champion of photovoltaic shed of bus or truck, becoming "Bus Harbor". The cost and stability of this structure are better than other structures under the same size and specification
  • VBP-B1 series An extension of Series A, it not only has the characteristics of Series A, but also its two-way parking function will save more land area for investors to plan large parking lots
  • VBP-D1 series It is the most convenient photovoltaic car shed for parking, which can be built without the restriction of parking space size, and there is no need to worry about scraping the column when parking.
    1. Simple structure, short production and delivery cycle
    2. Using common standard parts reduces maintenance and replacement costs
    3. Bolt connection, quick installation, low requirements for on-site workers
    4. Regular shape, convenient packing and transportation, maximizing container capacity
    5. It can be reinstalled and used after being removed
    6. Provide both non-waterproof and waterproof solutions, and can be customized according to customer requirements

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