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Integrated Rooftop System
Rooftop System
VBR-1 adopts photovoltaic crystal silicon module as roof surface material, which not only protects the building from wind and rain, but also saves building materials to achieve the maximum power generation benefit and achieve both function and aesthetics.
Product parameters
Product features
  • Installation site Replace the existing roof of the house
  • The roof waterproof level Ⅲ level (refers to the general construction)
  • Module specification Frame
  • Installation mode Any angle
  • Module layout Horizontal/Vertical
  • Module domain area Arbitrary
  • Module domain location Arbitrary
  • Bottom frame Aluminum profile
  • Bottom fixing Drill screw
  • Design standard GB50017 《Code for Design of Steel Structures》 GB50009 《Code for Loads of Building Structures》 GB50207 《Code for Roof Engineering Quality Acceptance》
    Performance Features:
    Good ventilation and heat dissipation performance to ensure good power generation efficiency of components;
    Rigorous structural calculation and simulation to ensure the mechanical properties of the whole roof;
    Professional fire and lightning protection design, ensure the safety of the whole roof;
    The roof Angle is designed flexibly according to the building characteristics to ensure the maximum amount of light radiation and drainage performance.
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