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Versosolar Helps Northwest Courtyard Zhongwei Project
2024-01-26 Source of article: read:1789次

Won the bid

The new year is coming, and the head is held high; the mountains and rivers are thousands of miles away, and the steps are non-stop. At the beginning of the new year, Versolsolar once again celebrated a good start in the new year and successfully won the bid for the first bid of the 130MW tracking bracket for the general contracting project of the D section of the North District Photovoltaic Zone of the Longyuan Electric Zhongwei 3 million kilowatt photovoltaic composite project (Phase 2, 2 million kilowatts). Hand in hand with the China Electric Construction Northwest Survey Institute to play a new year to develop the charge of the new year, open the prelude to a new year of high rise, together to 2024!

Longyuan Power Zhongwei 3 million kilowatts of photovoltaic composite project (the second phase of 2 million kilowatts) is China's first to develop the desert photovoltaic base, the transmission of new energy-based ultra-high-voltage transmission corridor, "Ningdian power into the Hunan" project is an important part of the project, the construction of the project to help realize the "carbon peaks, carbon neutral The construction of the project is of great significance in helping to achieve the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", promoting the development and consumption of new energy in the Ningxia region, helping to enhance the power security capacity of Hunan Province, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization by combining energy development and ecological management.

High-performance and cost-effective, the tracking system again shines in the Ningxia DC project.

Before the project, in view of the geographic location, environment, climate and other conditions of the project site and the owner's needs, the company's technology research and development team gave full play to its many years of tracking system technology leadership and project implementation experience, and followed the principle of adapting to local conditions to use a single-point slewing tracking system, which is better adapted to the local topography and more flexible in arrangement, while improving the land utilization rate and lowering the project's comprehensive investment costs, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the photovoltaic Under the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the PV racking to obtain the maximum power generation capacity, to ensure that the project investment returns are maximized. "With the diversified application mode of PV+, the project will realize a new pattern of "power generation on the board, planting between the boards and restoration under the boards", forming a new mode of forest and sand industry combining light, forest, grass and medicine.

The first batch of brackets arrives

Answer the question with practical work, and deliver the result with practical performance. We are well aware of the importance and urgency of the project, and at the beginning of the cooperation, the company set up an exclusive project team for each link to ensure the smooth progress of the project design, production, delivery and other phases, and to satisfy the site schedule in all aspects. Both parties worked closely with each other through efficient communication to ensure that the project would be delivered on schedule, fully realizing the brand value of "Customer First" of Chessing Technology.

The special transportation fleet has been on the way to the project site, and the production workshop has entered the mass production and supply stage. As the Chinese New Year approaches, with several 100 MW projects being supplied at the same time, each team of Versolsolar has taken practical actions to fulfill the promise of delivering on time and with high quality, and has devoted themselves to their respective positions. The company also assigned technical experts to provide on-site installation guidance and technical cooperation at the first time to ensure efficient and smooth installation of the project.

Starting a new journey with practical work

Together with the Northwest Survey Institute of China Electric Power Construction (NWSI), CCTC is helping to develop and construct new energy sources in Ningxia, strengthening the foundation for a stable supply of green energy, injecting strong kinetic energy into the construction of the "wind power base" in Ningxia, and once again refreshing CCTC's tracking stent performance in the Ningxia region.

On the road to green development, Versolsolar will always provide customers with full life-cycle solution services for stents, and will always be "customer-centered". We will step into the boundless desert with a resounding pace, start a new journey of new energy construction, forge a new monument of green development, open up a new road in the sandy and barren areas, and help the wind and light base project.

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